“Floating in a sea of existence alone”


Olga Townsend’s inspiration stems from sights, sounds and the written word, which triggers a flow of the subconscious that compels her to react to and document.  In her work she incorporates Jungian theories of collective unconsciousness as well as references to symbolism and esotericism. The escape from the subversive world into a dreamscape of memories, visions, and illusion is the goal.  Only the symbolic can become universal and transcend the boundaries of culture and epochs.


She sees mixed-media as a method to break away from old ideas and to set new boundaries for the exploration of the arts. Though her main practice is in the field of photography, her view of  what it can achieve is much broader than traditional methods. In her photographs she incorporates staging, performance, darkroom techniques, and often times illustration and painting. These combination with other elements offer a glimpse in to a world that is more than just an image frozen in time. The unification of art through different practices blurs the lines between traditional photography and art. 


Conceptualization and narrative is important to her work. Silent stories are often played out in front of the camera like a mise-en scene. Art imitates life but an exact copy of nature is not required for the composition. Art is not a faithful documentation and the scenes and models are manipulated in order to fit the concept. Truth does not come from a faithful depiction, but from the integrity of the vision. Everything is connected and holds a hidden meaning. 

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